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Spring Terrarium Ideas

With Spring arriving and everything in full bloom, we start looking at our gardens. Perhaps you have no outdoor space and you are researching low maintenance garden ideas such as a terrarium. If you are keen to learn how to make a terrarium then I’m posting these ideas to help you. They are hugely popular all over pinterest so it’s no wonder it must appeal to you. Even if you just want to make a cute wedding centerpiece or an interesting feature for your desk – take a look at these Spring Terrarium Ideas to help you.

Create a steep ravine under glass.

Beautiful Miniature Gardens Under Glass.

I like the idea of using african violets in a terrarium for a splash of color.

Fairy garden in a broken pot.

Wow, that’s a terrarium!

Sage and Sedum open terrarium with crystals.

Good idea … Terrarium in a glass hurricane.

Apothecary jar african violet terrarium. A little of gravel, charcoal, potting soil, and moss. Love it!

Candle holder turned into a terrarium!

So small. Tweezers perhaps will help you to recreate this idea.

Enclosed terrarium idea for orchids.

A grouping with variety of container heights/mass.

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