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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

During the finer weather most people love spending their time outdoors, which is why many consider their garden as an extra room or living space. Outdoor lighting can create a marked difference to your backyard, and the many types of lighting ideas available can really make your space stand out.
Create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor living with the right lighting. All that lights up the night from rustic to glam, DIY to designer.

Use sand filled buckets and wooden posts to string lights around your backyard patio!

Old graters make excellent candle holders.

Create unique weddings with tree branches and strings of lights.

Spectacular lighting.

Take inspiration from Christmas and add fairy lights everywhere.

Solar powered chandelier.

Garden lights made from flower pots and old lamp globes with strings of white lights in the globes.

Globe lights in the trees.

Raining Christmas Lights.

Solar Lights for the Patio.

Another Solar powered chandelier.

Poke holes in ping pong balls and slip them over string lights to give the lights a SUPER cool makeover!!

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