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Mothers Day Craft Ideas

Every Mother wants to be recognized on Mother’s Day. Here are some fun Mother’s Day crafts to do with the kids.

Perfect present for the grandparents. All it takes is some canvas, paint, and your kiddos feet! Just make the footprints in the shape of a heart by overlapping the heels. Make sire to label the footprints and put either the kids ages or the date you made it. Than write, “Grandkids leave footprints on your heart.” Extremely easy and pretty cute!!

Baby Footprints Twist – A Mother’s Day Craft (made with mother and child’s footprints)

Thoughtful hand print gift.

Cute Mothers day gifts for grandmas.

A Mother’s day gift made from Altoids can and bottle caps for the magnets.

Great Mother’s day or grandparents day gift idea.

Mothers day hand print craft.

Who wouldn’t love their husband to do something like this with the kids for them.

“Gramma’s Little Cutie Bugs” canvas gift made with grand kids footprints.

Butterfly poem to mom.

Mother’s Day craft- have children use their own hand as template to put on a card.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day hand/footprint flower and butterfly picture. You could also add a flower pot writing prompt that said “I love my mom because”.

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